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SC Farm Digi Assets Q&A

1. What is the maximum supply: 1000 assets - 5000 DGB per asset

 2. When dividends will be paid: every 3 months (the amount will be different every time) also dividends will be divided only for the sold assets and paid in DGB.

 3. Where is the farm: Bani, Pangasinan, Philippines

 4. Why Digi assets: we are currently farming shrimps and want to expand with crabs that is why we are using Digi assets to raise funds.

 5. For how long we will pay dividends: min 2 years as of now, it might change and after 1 year.

 6. Is it safe? Yes, but it’s farming so all depends on nature and nature sometimes can be nasty.

 7. Can I visit your farm?: yes of course and we will even provide you some shrimps and crabs for your lunch and dinner.

SC Farm buy back after year

If anyone would want to sell their asset back to us for any reason, they can after 1 year of holding the asset.  We will guarantee same price buy back in USD value as the purchase. 


Transparency and honesty is our goal.

Dividends payout

The payout will be every 3 months in DGB that is 4 payouts per year, but please remember that farm has shrimps and crabs and each has different farming cycle that means each payout will be different (smaller and higher), expectation is 3 smaller 1 large. After 1 year all asset holders will have meeting and decide the future, we have plan in place.

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