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The Island where mermaids come from

Farm accommodation opening 4/2020

With the great support of the DigiByte community our very first Digi asset farm had been successul. 

We want to introduce our farm to public by building our eco-tourism resort and introduce to everyone the farming lifestyle, enjoy and appreciate nature. 
We will have  one main cottage, created with traditional materials. We will also introduce and let you experience Philippine culture by building 3 Nipa Huts or what they call Bahay Kubo. You will enjoy your vacation, experience simple but educational, picturesque, relaxing and  unforgettable moments.

We will let you experience the province life by giving you local breakfast. To make sure that your stay will be  comfortable, you will be assisted by a personal concierge. He/she will make sure that you have everything you need. You will get a tour in the farm, you will also learn how they work on the farm. They will show you things they do in maintaining the farm for our crabs and shrimps. You will also enjoy boat riding as we will provide a free boat so that you can roam around the river area and experience the boat experience from the river to the sea. 

Farm fun availability within 2020:

  • WiFi

  • Free local breakfast

  • Fan in each room

  • Scooter to rent

  • Boat for the rides on the river

  • Guide to explain everything about the area and places to visit

  • ATV for rent

  • Bicycles

  • Kids treehouse

The farm is situated close to tourist spots that you will surely enjoy. Places to visits are as follows :

Bolinao Pangasinan:

Bolinao is one of the best places to go in the Philippines. With its white sandy beach, great seafood, refreshing cave waters, and stunning waterfalls, Bolinao will make you wish you could stay forever.

15 Best Things to Do in Bolinao (the Philippines)

1. St. James Church
2. Bolinao Falls 1
3. Bolinao Falls 2
4. Tara Falls
5. Cruise the Balingasay River
6. Patar White Beach
7. Cape Bolinao lighthouse
8. Rock View Beach Resort
9. Santiago Island
10. Sungayan Grill
11. Treasures Resort
12. Enchanted Cave
13. Wonderful Cave
14. Cindy’s Cave
15. Adora’s Restaurant


Dasol Pangasinan :

Dasol may be inferior in tourism compared to the other towns of Pangasinan. But truth be told, Pangasinan is not only about the Hundred Islands in Alaminos or the beautiful beaches in Bolinao and Anda, all in the mouth of Lingayen Gulf. Dasol’s beautiful beaches, scenic coastline and picturesque spots, though lesser known, are equally enchanting as the others.

What to do in Dasol

  • Island and beach hopping in Culebra Island, Polo Camaso Islet, Crocodile Island, Lagaratas Island, Paratec Beach, Pao Beach, Balinmanok Beach and other beaches and islands nearby

  • Beach bumming in the beaches of Tambobong, Osmeña and Macalang

  • Swim in the Cabongaoan Tidal Pools or Burgos

  • Diving/Snorkeling (bring your own equipments and gears)

  • Camping

  • Trek to Salabusuban Falls

  • Caving in Rongaab Cave

  • Kayaking and other water sports

  • Sunset/Sunrise watching

  • Visit the beaches of the neighboring towns – Bolinao and Anda

  • See the Old Spanish Lighthouse of Bolinao

  • Explore the Hundred Islands in Alaminos

  • Drop by at Our Lady of Manaoag Church considered by Catholic as a miraculous church

Top Attractions in Dasol

1. Culebra Island
2. Osmena White Beach
3. Cabacungan Cove
4. Dasoland
5. Balas Nagtaros Island
6. Rongaab Cave
7. Salabusuban Falls



Our Memberships

Are you a investor? Get in touch and you will gain access to our investment zone.

Check our Gallery for construction updates.

Silver Membership


  • 1 week accommodation free for 1-4 guest (1 room) - value $273

  • Free airport pick up - value $145

  • Free local fruit daily in your room


package is valid for 3 years and can be used only once.

Gold Membership


  • 2 week accommodation free for 1-4 (1 room) - value $546

  • Free airport pick up - value $145

  • Free airport drop - value $145

  • Free local fruit daily in your room

  • Free Breakfast

  • Free boat rides up to 7 rides


package is valid for 3 years and can be used only once.

Platinum Membership


  • 2 week accommodation free for 1-4 (1 room) - value $546

  • Free airport pick up - value $145

  • Free airport drop - value $145

  • Free local fruit daily in your room

  • Free Breakfast

  • Free two dinners Crabs and Shrimps feast

  • Free boat rides up to 12 rides


package is valid for 3 years and can be used only once.

Once you decide what membership you would like to have, you can contact us here



soon we will upload more details about our resort, including detailed plans.
The land is officially ours and cultivation of the property started. The Resort construction will start in November 2019.


Each member will receive a SC Card, with this card you will be able to get discounts in various shops and restaurants in Pangasinan area and also few online shops delivering worldwide. 


The Bridge construction started and 2nd November we are stating a building construction. 7th November we will post updated video on our YouTube channel


The Bridge is done and our first cottage too - check our gallery

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