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SC Farm is the very first farm that has been successfully tokenized. SC Farm is situated in a riverside area and is close to the sea ( 20 minutes via boat) which is a perfect area for farming. The farm has been growing shrimps and been running 3 years before tokenization. SC Farm has released a total of 1000 Digi asset tokens and got sold within 3 weeks. The tokenization of the farm is used for expansion and crab production. 

SC Farm is a real-life venture and indeed proves that a vision will open endless possibilities. The farm tokenization is just the beginning as it has opened a lot of opportunities for the farm asset holders, the crypto community, and the local community. Now SC Farm is changing into BLOCK GROUP its part of the Defi market via CORD Finance and creating social banking ecosystem for Filipino farmers with Clic World.


Mud Crabs

Young crabs are raised and grown for a certain period of 5 to 6 months till they reach marketing size and weight.The pond size is 1.6 hectares which is best for crab farming. Its location is perfect as proper bunds and tidal water exchange is a must. We will soon make a suitable fence for growing the crabs. 


Depending on the size of crabs and available facilities the duration of production may varies between 3 to 8 months. 

We can feed our crabs low cost fish, shrimps, small sized crabs etc. We will visit nearest local market and collect rotted fish and innards of birds and animals from slaughter house to supply food for the crabs. Provide the crabs 5% feed daily of their total body weight. 


Selling the crabs will be the best part and we can say easy one as the demand for the crabs are really too high. 



We prefer Vannamei due to its faster growth rate of 1.0 to 1.5 grams (g) per week compared to Sugpo (1 g/week). Size at harvest is also more uniform for Vannamei, thus reducing the need to sort the shrimps before delivery to the market. Since it is less aggressive than other prawns, Vannamei can also be stocked at higher densities without worrying about cannibalism. Additionally, Vannamei is tolerant of a wider range of salinities, making it more amenable to inland areas far from the sea. Due to its tolerance of lower temperatures, Vannamei can also be cultured in the cold season. More importantly, Vannamei farms so far have not experienced massive outbreaks of White Spot Syndrome Virus or WSSV, which is known to cause mass mortality in Sugpo. Survival rates for Vannamei culture are thus higher than for Sugpo, and the production level is more predictable.


During grow-out, Vannamei is relatively easy to culture. As with any aquaculture species, proper pond management is vital to ensure its profitability. First, the selection of a good location for Vannamei culture is a must. It must have an abundant, unpolluted supply of both freshwater and seawater; soil must be good quality, free from flooding; and the location must be close to the market.


However, the key to success is someone who is dedicated and hardworking to look after the farm from day 1 to harvest day. 

We have a trusted man who will make sure our shrimps are growing perfectly. He is also skilled and very knowledgeable in farming as he grew up in farming.

  • Sold Assets

     As of 30.9.2019 1000 assets is sold and held by 94 people. WE ARE SOLD OUT AND NOW WE ARE ALL CRAB PEOPLE!!!

  • SC farm & Cord Finance partnership

    CORD is satisfied to declare SC Farm/SC Help activity as its first Charity Donations Project. Cord Finance created an emblem vault for this charity project, made possible by the great COVAL community!

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    Great place to buy SC Farm merchendise or also other crypto one.

  • SCF

    SC Farm has countless potential and is now changing into a holding group, from SC Farm it will officially become BLOCK Group and with this change we are launching official SC Farm token SCF.

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    We are present on Medium with our updates.

  • BLOG section

    We have publish a blog section on our website and also you can find it on the go with our Wix app. 


Contact SC Farm!

Are you from the Philippines and do you want Shrimps or Crabs? Get in touch and of course, you can pay with Cryptocurrency. We accept DigiByte, Clix, SCF, Bitcoin, Litecoin, CORD, Vaccine, XLM, XEM etc.

Bani, Pangasinan & Clark, Pampanga Philippines.

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