Honest 2020

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

We failed to launch 3 businesses this year due to pandemic. But God is good as we were able to strengthen our current business and close multiple partnerships. We missed one property we want to purchase and we thought it will be ours as contract is ready for signing but for unknown reason the seller backed out but God is good, we now have a relaxing and beautiful home. Our car got burnt amidst pandemic and experienced the worst experience but God is good as we got our baby Mica back and always gives us comfortable and safe rides. We lost our baby but God is good as we surpass our loss together and became stronger and more connected to each other.

Bad things happen and we cant control it, thats life. Feel the pain learn from it and stand up stronger and bolder. If you feel down and suffering from any pain (emotional and physical) , please remember that life is a learning process. Fail multiple times and stand up million times.

May this New Year wont fill you with resolutions but HOPE and stronger faith. Better days and things are going to happen. The year 2021, will be successful, happier and wealthier year for everyone. Lets claim it! Have a successful new year everyone!

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