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Updated: Jan 21, 2021

The economic has been massively hit by the pandemic all over the world, but the adversity Filipino facing is indeed challenging. With all the restrictions and economic hit because of pandemic resulting to lower number of students enrolled for school year 2020-2021 because parents lost their jobs and most Filipinos have no access to the internet. The monsoon season made the situation a lot difficult, Philipines is being hit by typhoon almost every week. The strongest typhoon named Rolly was so devastating and left people homeless and wrecked. The sad part is that, the people affected by this strong typhoon are mostly people who got affected by the blasting of an active Volcano in the Philippines named Taal Volcano last January, then corona affected the whole country last March and yes, no chance to recover from devastation yet destructive typhoons came their way. The saddest part is after 7 days of being hit by the strongest typhoon, Typhoon Rollyy hit the same locations. A lot of people died due to deadly flooding more specially in Isabela and Cagayan where 47 municipalities were drowned by flood. Filipino citizens need massive support and help from everyone. They are currently helpless as they cannot fight the power of nature. Immediate help by providing food, tents and clean water is badly needed. Once the flood is over we have to give them a chance to start all over by providing possible livelihood for them. The most important thing we can do for the whole country is to continue planting trees to save the country from drowning again and to secure a better tomorrow to the younger generations.

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