We, here at SC Farm is proud to present a great project with a cause. 

Everyone knows that with DGB community help, we were able to help more than 2000 people during this pandemic, we are able to make kids smile by giving them school supplies and toys. We were able to give clothes and plant trees with the help of this amazing community. Yes, everything is possibly with DGB and its united community. 

I created a  collage recently and I thank everyone who loved it. I want to create a new collage which is more artistic this time and with a value. Anyone who wants to be included in the collage needs to donate at least 1 DGB and the higher the donation the bigger space you get from the collage. Once this project is completed, I will create a collectible asset and distribute it to everyone who joined this program as a remembrance. All DGB that will be accumulated with this project will be distributed between SC Help and DGB Foundation. With this project, the DGB ecosystem will be supported by DGB foundation and SC Farm will take care of supporting kids to make sure they can enroll this school year. 

Why did we came up with this project?

We all know that this pandemic made it everything harder for everyone. Wherever you are, everything is more complicated and harder. Imagine you are in a 3rd world country like Philippines, not enough government support and very limited opportunity to work. Its really tough. The school is expected to open on 24th of August and a lot of parents are saying that their kids might stop as they don't have enough money to pay the enrollment for kids.  


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