Clic.World Social Financial Eco-System

Clic.World, a startup based out of Mauritius, have for the last 5 years have been
building a global SME focused Social Financial Business Eco-System through strategic in-
country partnerships in Africa, South East Asia and Europe. Partnerships in Uganda, Nigeria,
Tanzania, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, UK, Bulgaria, Philippines, Singapore and
Australia are in progress. Over the last 3 years they have done successful live pilots in Uganda and Tanzania and are now ready to launch in those two countries. SC Farm is excited to partner with Clic.World to launch the first agri business pilot in the Philippines.

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Make farming in the Philippines Sexy again!


Our vision is to bring intergrated system to make agriculture more productive, more consistent and to use time and resources more efficiently. To make digital agriculture technology available to both farmers and  consumers to secure food security.


Empower every farmer and consumer by offering digital agriculture technology to enhance agricultural industry to boost our economy.

SC Group and Clic.World agriculture ecosystem will make sure that farmers will have an all in management system that will support their needs from beginning to end. With this system, we can provide long term benefits to all farmers and a beginning of a new era not just for farmers but also consumers.


The beginning of cashless transactions and digital market systems. 

All farmers will have access to social banking securing a reliable financial system. Everyone will be synchronized and more organized using our Farm management system making sure that they carefully monitor all farming activities, on this way, they will continuously learn from the mistakes from the previous farming cycles and improve future farming cycles by using techniques worked for them.


Our goal is to deliver a high profit margin to all farmers by giving them access to our marketplace where they can sell their produce without needing a middleman. By making sure that all farmers will earn and wont have difficulties selling their produce, we will be able to entice younger Filipino generations to become farmers like their parents or grandparents. This will make sure that enrollees in agriculture courses will go higher. With this farming system, we will provide intensive training to educate each and everyone to provide financial literacy and educate them with different farming methodologies.

STAGE 1 - subject to change

Every farmer who download a wallet will get 10 Clix as reward, also it will allow him to sign up for a reward system:

1. Download farm management system 20 Clix
2. Recommend farmer 10 Clix
3. Sign up for online marketplace 20 Clix
4. Joining Clic and SC Farm seminars about social banking and agriculture 5 Clix per seminar max 4 per year


coming soon...


250m have been allocated to our SME business funding initiative Clic2Grow, for projects specifically in the Agri Business sector and related sectors. This fund will be jointly administered by Clic.World and our partners DGIA (Digital Green Investment Agency) in Uganda, DMA (Digital Mobile Africa) in Tanzania, and SC Digi Farm in Philippines. The purpose of the fund is to address the critical shortage of liquidity in the agriculture sector in these regions and to help alleviate some of the economic effects of Covid19.

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