In early 2018, we started to give help to Filipino families who are in need. It started by giving food, clothes and school supplies to poor Filipino families and as they say " The knowledge that you’re helping others is hugely empowering and, in turn, can make you feel happier and more fulfilled." we continue helping them and introduced them to crypto currency by distributing Digibytes to them hoping that one day, it will change their lives. We've recently shared what we do to SC DIGI asset holders and they started to help us in helping more people and give more. With their help, we were able to give more to each family. The SC asset holders are all great people with a good heart and they requested us as well to make a Digi asset to raise funds to help more people and bring more happiness to kids and poor families.

We are not part of any charity, we are helping people on our own. We hope that like our asset, people will join us to put smile on Filipino families and children. 

Our Goals:

  • Help with food - even more now when we have lockdown and Corona Virus.

  • Help to provide school items

  • Distribute cryptocurrency and help with mass adoption

DGB - DJ5oi1McKsty5V55gAAXGz5b6HFki32dCt

LTC - LM4aLB5L11qK6DFJ2jwxZkd4zmKUvrW7UD

BTC - bc1quven86geecsw2m6ldax5lllhvn75ygycr3kulf

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