SC Farm is the very first farm that has been successfully tokenized. SC Farm has released a  total of 1000 tokens and got sold within 3 weeks. SC Farm is a real-life venture and indeed proves that a vision will open endless possibilities. The farm tokenization is just the beginning as it has opened a lot of opportunities for the farm asset holders, the crypto community, and the local community.


SC Farm has countless potential and is now changing into a holding group, from SC Farm it will officially become BLOCK Group. With this structure change, there will be no changes on our asset holders aside from receiving a free SCF Token as an appreciation for being part of the SC Family. Current equity investors will receive their share by their % in BLOCK Group. SC Asset holders will receive their tokens by the number of assets they hold x40.

You can find SCF here:

Sc farm will purchase SCF tokens from the market with 25% of the harvest amount and publish the transaction for transparency every time we harvest. 


SCF token will support the SC Farm ecosystem and the growth of the farmers in our area in Pangasinan.  We are also working on a few staking and blockchain gaming partnerships

that will generate yield farming. for our holders.

SCF will be open for the market on February 4th, 2021 for pre-sale and the later target price is $0.35 per 1 SCF.

Current Investors: 130000 SCF, represents 13% equity share. 

Sc asset holders: 40000 SCF 

Bonus / airdrop SCF allocation: 5000 SCF

Locked: 400000 SCF (will be released after 6 months, quarterly 50000 SCF and 90% will be added on JustSwap, 10% will stay with SC Farm to support the ecosystem, monthly)

Farmers under SC Farm: 20 SCF each plus bonus, max allocation 10000 SCF

CORD Finance holders are eligible for 5 SCF each.

Current progress you can see here:

SCF will be accepted as a payment method on SC farm lodging and also our fresh products like milkfish and shrimps, and CLIC PH marketplace.

SCF can be purchased and exchanged for shrimps. Launch price $0.35 per SCF and 1 kg of shrimps can be exchanged for 30 SFC. - Available in the Luzon region in the Philippines. Available until 1. April 2021


We are working on staking and distribution partnerships. 

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