SC Farm #UniteCrypto2020 Vision

SC Farm is powered by blockchain and Digibyte, since it’s a new year and a start of a new decade its about time for us to have one goal - to unite and collaborate crypto. We all believe in one thing- that crypto is the future and everyone contributes for mass adoption and making each crypto currency strong and known. With combined efforts, we can conquer our same goal which is mass adoption. SC Farm have #UniteCrypto 2020 to combine, collaborate and unify all crypto. To make one team and together be the strongest and the best community - with combined efforts and hard work, lets make crypto rule the world. 

SC Farm was created because we believed in the power of blockchain and have faith with DigiByte. We started our first project last October and its a huge success. With SC Farm, we've created an amazing community. This year, we will open our doors to all crypto currency as we believe that all crypto currency are good and crypto holds everyone's future. 


We would like to offer a development on our farm to different crypto communities. We will open 5 houses and one main zone and our goal is to name and dedicate each house into a crypto currency. This project is to create a crypto village on our farm. Our plan is to host crypto seminars for local people to educate them on crypto and manage a once a year hosting a crypto worldwide conference. Iam sure FomoHunt will help us to organize one big crypto conference per year.

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Bitfi Hardware Wallet